The Late Innings is the musical project of Vincent Sinex, a lifelong Southern California resident.

Sinex has been recording ever since he bought his first 4-track recorder back in the day.  In the 90’s he was part of a synthpop band, but eventually needed to put music aside in order to complete his graduate studies in Computer Science.  Upon graduating he launched his indie rock solo project The Late Innings, in which he writes the songs, sings and performs all of the instrumental parts himself.

His first recordings as The Late Innings went through a number of iterations until they finally emerged on the album Arrived and Departed, which was released in 2015 through his own label.  Arrived and Departed was recorded and produced by Sinex, and was mixed by Steve Kaye at SunKing Studios in Los Angeles.

The music on Arrived and Departed sprung from Sinex’s two main influences, 80’s new wave and 70’s AM radio pop.  Lyrically, the album looked at the effect of distance on personal relationships and the impact that long-term physical separation can have on loved ones.

For his second album Wild Places (to be released in September of 2019), Sinex again recorded the instrumental backing tracks himself, but opted to record the vocals in local Los Angeles recording studios in order to get a more expansive sound.  The album, also produced by Sinex, was mixed primarily by Mark Rains at Station House Studio (with one track mixed by Steve Kaye at SunKing).

Musically, Wild Places expands upon its predecessor, but the theme of this new album is focused on questions about privacy and surveillance, especially in a world where cameras and recording devices are becoming ever-present.  Its ten tracks survey the scope of human behavior (and misbehavior) in a world where it is increasingly difficult to avoid the watchful eyes of others.

Wild Places will be released on September 6th, 2019 and will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp and all major streaming services.