1. Last Resort

From the recording Wild Places


The paparazzi gather down on the street
Here in the city in the broiling heat
At the top
The elevator stops
The cops are waiting at the end of the hall
They tell me that he won’t accept their calls
And the pops
They don’t know what he’s got

With tensions escalating
They said I was their last resort
I told them that I’ve been through this before

The door was open and I entered the room
The sparks were flying in the hazy gloom
And he stared
Awake but barely there
He turned to me and then he said he was done
He wouldn’t tell me where the stuff came from
In his veins
And coursing through his brain

I opened up the curtains
He squinted in the morning glare
I said you know we’ve been through this before

Back when you started out
The instant fame
It took you by surprise
You said it’s all too much
You tried to run
So far into the night
But I was there
To put you back together
I’ll be your rock forever
I won’t let you falter

After a while I got him up on his feet
The ambulance was waiting back on the street
And we’re gone
Away from all the throng

Above the blaring siren
I told him that I would not go
I said you know we’ve been through this before

Back when you had the crash
And lost it all
We built it up again
And when you took the stage
You won them back
As if you’d never left
Now that they’ve cleared the rooms
And barred the doors
They’ll place the dynamite
You were the only thing
That blocked the way
But now you’re out of sight
And did you think
That you would make your exit
Alone and undetected
I won’t let you falter
(repeat to fade)