From the recording Wild Places


I wish the circumstances were different
That this reunion were a matter of choice
I wish we could revisit our time spent here
But the focus now’s on your boy
We’ve tried to handle this with discretion
But each infraction’s more severe than the last
The days when we could keep it inside these walls
I think that they’re past

So many times in the aftermath he’d beg forgiveness
Pledging that he’d live by the book
But his crimes undermined all of the things he swore to
Trying to keep himself off the hook

So what can we do
That hasn’t yet been done
Time’s running thin
For you to save your son

Last night there was a brawl at a party
Police were called upon to break up the fray
Some half a dozen spent the night in jail
But plenty more got away
Your son, he staggered in in the morning
His clothing torn, his knuckles battered and bruised
He tried to make the claim he was nowhere near
It didn’t ring true

Teams of police are investigating last night’s melee
Analyzing frame after frame
How long can it be before the cops come knocking
Once they’ve linked the face to a name

So what can we do
That hasn’t yet been done
Time’s running thin
For you to save your son

I recall the days we were kept after school
Proud to take the blame for the stunts that we’d pull
But things that we might have done
Were never quite criminal
And if it comes to light that your son was involved
Lawyers can be called to ensure it’s resolved
But would that erase the fact
That people were attacked

It’s evident he represents
A threat we can’t control
We’ve all agreed, it’s plain to see
He must be disenrolled
His name above the door
Can’t help him any more

An education here is a blessing
I know the good it did for you and for me
And if families like your own hadn’t played their part
I couldn’t say where I’d be
But something clearly here isn’t working
Your son needs guidance we can’t seem to provide
I think he would be better off home with you
Not far from your side

If you agree that this plan is in your son’s best interests
No one will admit what they’ve seen
We’ll strike from his records every indiscretion
So your boy can start over clean

And that you would do
To fix what has been done
Yes, I turn to you
Now that you know
Time’s running out
For you to save your son