From the recording Wild Places


Nothing prepares you
For all the dangers of this world
Try as they might though when they train you back on earth
It’s hard to stay grounded
While floating near weightlessly throughout the craft
Though all of your actions
Are carefully plotted and choreographed
Outside the window
The planet spins down below
A constant reminder
We’re still a long way from home

I saw it building
Even before we’d left the ground
He could be headstrong and a chore to be around
I tried to defuse it
The strain that developed between you and him
But he wouldn't listen
And soon the conditions were hopelessly grim
There’s nowhere to turn to
No place you’d dare call your own
You’re stuck in these confines
Out here a long way from home

If I’m called to testify
You know that I’ve got your back
Only I can verify
What happened in the attack
I’m the one who would know
What transpired
What was said
After all of the cameras were dead
How you felt
When you played out the hand you were dealt
And just how you struggle to think
When you’re pushed to the brink

Let’s pull together
Now that we’re down to only two
Cause it’ll be weeks ‘til they can send another crew
Just promise me one thing
That when they arrive you won’t put up a fight
A peaceful surrender
Will go pretty far to make everything right
Yet in the meantime
We’re stranded out here alone
Our mission abandoned
And still a long way from home